"Its a Year of Three Jubilees: 150 Years of Evangelization in Tanzania Mainland, 100 Years of Priesthood in Tanzania, 60 Years of the Diocese of Musoma"


Bishop's "Tweets"

Greetings and Messages from Bishop Michael Msonganzila on various occassions.

Diocesan Projects

Get to know different projects and innitiatives taking place in various areas of apostolate.

The Religious

Meet the Religious working in the Diocese of Musoma in various areas of apostolate.

Diocesan Synod

The Diocese of Musoma first Synod celebrated from 19th May 2013 to 23rd November 2014.


Mwalimu Nyerere

The Tanzanian anti-colonial activist, politician, and political theorist.

Pastoral Planning Directorate

Pastoral Planning Directorate. Get to know the pastoral innitiatives.

Planning Development Directorate

Get to know of our innitiatives.

The Year of Mercy

Celebration of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Diocese of Musoma


News & Events


Get all the Updates on the News and Events of the Diocese


Serengeti Apostolate

A Special Apostolate to Tourists visiting the Serengeti.

Kiabakari Shrine

Diocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy and Pilgrimage Centre.

Ephata Center

A quiet prayer House at the Shore of Lake Victoria.

Photo Gallery

Pictorial News on different events and occassions.